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This Mistress of Mean is a Gemini, thus there are many facets to the ways I dominate. My favorites are within the realms of strict, cruel, and harsh. These are where I truly shine. Let me be clear, power and control turn me on. I am a Mistress with a wicked mind and desire to break you mentally and physically. I have been called, "Queen of the Mind Fuck." And with good reason. I know how to penetrate you on a cerebral level and go deep.

I will push your limits physically and you will be challenged like never before. As a Mistress of Mean, my words will devour your soul. Your focus will always be on pleasing me, obeying me and accepting punishments. Expect the first session to very much resemble an interrogation, I must know you, the real you before I can affect you. Once I do, my mind will capture you, and you will find yourself completely enchanted. There is nothing sexier than a sub that desires being on the receiving end of my depraved demeanor.

You will find yourself craving that next call once we start. You will so desperately want to experience my power and my wrath as you find household objects to use on your body, under my command. Perhaps I will lock up your little worm for days. Nobody is interested in playing with it, least of all me. Your only redeeming qualities are your lip, tongue, ass and your ability to obey. I do not waste time with lengthy explanations, nor will I ever make a command twice.

Forget, "sugar and spice and everything nice". I am, "devilishly mean and sometimes obscene." After all, it is the villain that has the most fun. I will focus on your kinks, and once I know them, I will bring the darkest and deepest turns and twists to our sessions. Here's a few of my favorite kinks you may experience: cock control, chastity, impact play, anal play, humiliation, cuckolding, CBT, edging, bondage, turning you into a sissy, and pegging.

I am not for the faint of heart, remember you have been warned.



Mistress of Mean Strict Mistress Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


Why You Crave a Mean Mistress So Much More Than a Nice One

by Ms. Audrey of www.mistressofmean.com


Have you tried calling nice mistresses and can’t Get No Satisfaction? That’s because you need a Mean Mistress!

No one will deny that a verbal blow job has it’s place. But let’s face it, you don’t actually want a woman who worries about pleasing you. Or a hot girl who thinks so highly of you that she might actually be concerned with what you think. Many men complain that in their search for a true Femdom, they come across all manner of Mistresses who are afraid to take control for fear of scaring customers away.

Nice Mistresses leave you frustrated because you want an extreme cock tease who feels entitled to take control and won’t buckle to your pleading demands. You’re completely excited by a Mistress who laughs when you feel needy. One of the things that turns you on the most is how someone so pretty can be so cruel! You also love feeling crushed by a woman’s beauty and crave a cruel mind-fuck in whatever form it might take.


A Sweet Voice Is Just Not Enough


Many men are seeking a stricter Mistress in their life. Perhaps you’ve even tried “Sensuous Domination.” Who are we kidding? That over-used term has as much meaning as the words “nice” or “interesting.”

Don’t get me wrong, a true Sensual Humiliation session has it’s place. And while a mocking, narcotic voice will make you rock hard and ready to do anything, you’re craving something more. Instead, deep down you want a Cock Control Mistress who’s going to show you who’s in charge of your orgasm and do it in a decisive way, that leaves no room for protest. If you’re ready to have your limits pushed and your beliefs challenged, then you’re ready for a Mean Mistress.


Exploring Hardcore With a Mean Mistress


A Mean Mistress knows that your secret desires haven’t been fulfilled yet. Perhaps you’re in search of hardcore humiliation but don’t even realize it. You want a straight-talking woman that tells the truth. You are a pathetic loser who deserves to be treated as the lowest of the low. Maybe you’re someone who’s experienced everything and the complete loss of power that comes with total hardcore domination is the only thing that truly turns you on.

Are you looking for Strap-On Humiliation?  Dreaming of domination by a woman, who will slap you in the face with a strap-on dildo and use you like a little slut? Perhaps you’re a pathetic cuckold, a sissy searching for transformation into a Humiliation Slut.  Or someone who’s cock is so tiny that you aren’t really a man. Your actual fetish or sad plight in life just isn’t especially important. All that matters is that you need a Mean Mistress!


Experience a Cruel Beauty


Truth. You don’t want a woman to coddle you.  As a matter of fact, you want a woman to stomp on your heart, to slap your face with a giant strap-on. Admit it, you want a mean Mistress to violate your ass, not caring how much it hurts.

You willingly accept your fate as the weaker sex. Welcome to the world of Mean Mistresses! This is the place where your cock no longer belongs to you and the depths of depravity that you will be forced to go knows no bounds.