A Sensual, Strict Mistress


A strict Mistress is not always a mean Mistress. Sometimes, she is sensual and seductive. For example, I am the image of perfection in every single way. I’ll lure you in with my dangerous curves, my sultry voice, and my eyes that dazzle you, not to even mention the sparkle of my smile that will make you instantly weak. You will feel weak in your knees as I run my fingers across your skin so softly that your entire body feels like electricity is coursing through it.

A sensual Femdom is as beautiful and mysterious as she is eclectic. She is skilled in not just the art of domination, but in various other arts of seduction, such as tease and denial and guided masturbation. She creates images that will remain in your mind for eternity. Do not think that because she is sensual, that she is weak. She is still very much a strict Mistress.


How Can a Sensual Mistress Be a Strict Mistress?


How can a sensual Mistress be a strict Mistress? Let us start with tease and denial. It would start off so slowly that you might not even notice how aroused you are getting at first. Your cock will get hard just from the simple brush of my hair against your skin and the warm breeze of my whisper in your ear, as I tease your inner thigh with my long fingers and perfectly manicured nails.

Your cock will be twitching already, and you will be begging to touch my body. But each time your hands move toward me, I only smack them away. You do not want your sensual Femdom to resort to becoming a painstaking cock tease.

A true cock tease delights in bringing you to the edge of orgasm, time and time again. Stroking you slowly and teasing you as you beg for more. Stopping, just as you are about to feel your release. Perhaps at this point, you would be allowed to worship the perfectly sculpted ass of your strict Mistress. You would be an eager ass and body worship slave, kissing and licking like some hungry animal.

Your strict Mistress will slowly lead you down a path that will leave you begging for orgasm, all along knowing what evil plans she has in store for you. You will get more and more excited as she coaxes you gingerly closer and closer to the edge.

Just as you are cumming, she will slip her finger over the tip of your cock. The level of frustration is huge, as you experience your first ruined orgasm. This is one example of a sensual Femdom turned strict Mistress.


Strict, Sensual Femdom Loves Tease and Denial


During guided masturbation, a sensual Femdom will slowly guide you on how and when to stroke your cock for her. You will not cum without permission. Basically, orgasm control slowly trains you to cum only on command. Imperative to a sensual Femdom, orgasm control is how she intends to control her slave.

You will need your strict Mistress there to guide you through your masturbation session. It will be as if you had never stroked your cock this way before. The orgasm that you will achieve from this guided masturbation session with your strict Mistress will have you ready and willing to run the first masturbation marathon that you can.

If you are curious to try a strict Mistress, but are afraid of the hardcore Dommes that you see, then a sensual Femdom with an iron hand would be a perfect fit for someone like you. A sensual Femdom can be strict and firm, yet gently coax you into the life of submission that you desire. You will become fully aware of all your senses, and you will feel more alive than ever, as you succumb to her domination.

You will become a piece of artwork that is slowly crafted and molded into a perfect submissive by your Mistress. And you will wonder how you ever lived your life before you became who you are with her.

You’ll follow her for the rest of your life because you’ll never be able to get enough of her special touch. You will eventually be the perfect slave, as you will spend your life devoted to her service and to improving yourself for her. Give one of our Femdom Mistresses a call, today!