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I am sensual and sexy and that is what most submissive males get from me. But not you. Your pathetic male mind needs a firm , unrelenting rule. I get that, because I get you! What happened in your life that made you so addicted to a mean bitchy woman? That is an interesting conversation for Me. Tell me , what is it about you which elicits such disdain for your existence?

Well, one item on that loser list, is that you call Women like Me to release stress. The stress of pretending. To be humiliated , torn asunder just so you can feel something. Something which speaks to your inner self. Letting down that public mask, it's so hard to pretend to be good, at anything.

Every Moment Of Every Day You Live With The Stress Of Never Feeling Like You Measure Up To Other Males.

Pretending to be a man, a man you know you are not. Exhausting , isn't it.

Delving into your perverted nature and turning it back on you is a skill that you don't get anywhere else. Women are conditioned not to emasculate males so how lucky are you that I tend to break with traditional norms of feminine behavior! Putting pud pullers , like yourself, in their place. Lucky for you I delight letting My sadistic side run free on bitch boy like yourself.

I'm not a stupid Woman by any means, I wouldn't be able to operate in society if I allowed My inner sadist out whenever I'm stressed. It really isn't looked fondly upon the person who calls a mechanic a two inch dick loser when you catch them trying to rip you off. That situation calls for a different side of Me. The Dominant Business Woman who won't be played with by penis creatures. Laser focused, using logic vs humiliation I always get My way.

So what male can I let out My sadistic side on? Where is My outlet?

That male is you.

You are My outlet to release My Stress.

It is, why you exist.

With that said, I bet that you can't handle the cruelest meanest Mistress Erika, as evidenced by some who seek Me for that purpose. No safe word, No boundaries I hear them say. Tear me to shreds, make me a puddle of goo at your feet! Just as I was ramping it up , they tap out.

Therefore I do insist on safe words, and I won't deny you if you wish to make ours No Mercy. *smirk* I do insist on discussing boundaries. From there on out, you're mine to do as I wish.

Know going in that In My calculations , only 1% of you bitch boys can really take ALL of Me. I have to dial it back for many. That is OK. It Just makes Me smirk and feel self righteous knowing another penis creature can't stand up to what I will dish out. I'd call you a pussy boy but that's an insult to the pussy. Something else you don't deserve. So Bitch boy, loser log , whatever pet name I decide to call you today are you ready to take your pathetic kink to a whole new level?

You should also know I'm not afraid to cause you not only mental anguish but physical pain as well. Does your journey down the rabbit hole consists of paddles? Crops, chains clamps? All the more delicious for Me. Let's dance!

I know, your prick is hard right now. You are nervous and scared. What better time than when you see me available and confess to me, what is it about you, that deserves My Mean Mistress side?

Until We Chat

Mean Mistress Erika

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A Mean, Strict Mistress Clears Up a Few Myths 

by Ms. Delia of www.mistressofmean.com


A mean, strict Mistress is often thought of as a screaming, sadistic bitch, and while that can be true in certain scenes, it is emphatically not always the case. Mistresses who are strict know exactly what they want, and have the expectation that, as a good submissive, you will do exactly as you are told. Furthermore,  you will do it well, with reverence, and let your true submission demonstrate how you adore your Mistress.

A Mean, Strict Mistress can also be sensual at times, but often that is a special type of scene. For the most part, Mistresses who are strict are involved in the BDSM Lifestyle, and often have submissives at their beck and call. But what are the myths about Mistresses who are strict? Let’s explore a few.


Myth – A Mistress Who Is Strict Screams and Yells At Her Slaves


For me personally, being a lifestyle Mistress who is indeed strict, I truly despise this myth! See, I believe if a Mistress screams and yells at her submissive, then something in their dynamic is not working. Instead of screaming, I feel that a good Mistress uses her tone, gestures, and how she looks at her submissive to maintain complete control!

A Mistress who is strict DOES maintain control, and if a submissive crosses a line, certainly there is a consequence. I will go so far as to say I do not think screaming, even in a degrading humiliation scene, has a place with a good Mistress, strict or not!


Myth – A Mean, Strict Mistress ALWAYS Uses Pain


This myth is simply not true. Let’s say your kink goals focus around a feminization transformation. Does there need to be pain involved in this? No! A  Mistress who is strict would have rules, protocols, clearly spelled out expectations, and more to transform you.

Generally, in this scenario, pain does not play in at all. But what about punishment? Isn’t that always physical pain? No! Let’s say you are a pain slut, masochist, spanking enthusiast, or one who can’t get enough impact play. Pain would excite you, not be a deterrent. A Mean, Strict Mistress might choose to ignore you and give you mundane tasks as a punishment, and for some slaves that is pure Hell!


Myth – A Mean Mistress Always Wears Leather, Boots and Has Whips


This myth is actually very silly. BDSM Porn movies may facilitate this kind of thinking. As a strict, lifestyle Mistress, I actually do things like grocery shop, go out to dinner, go to appointments, work out, etc. Leather and stiletto boots are just not appropriate for those activities!

A Mistress who is strict “wears” a certain attitude and demeanor no matter her outfit! A pencil skirt, pumps and stockings, and silky blouse can be just as effective as any fetish type outfit. It is all in how Mistress carries herself. The outfit can enhance, but does not “make” the woman! What is inside her does!

There is no “one size fits all” with a Mean Mistress. Knowing this, be sure to provide your Femdom Mistress with all the information she needs to know about you. Perhaps fill out a BDSM Activity Chart to give Mistress a clear picture of who you are as a submissive. A Mistress will surely personalize training, rewards, and punishments, and lay out clear rules, expectations, and protocols for you!

Can you handle a true strict Mistress? Call one here at MistressOfMean.com and see if you can impress her!