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Mistress of Mean, huh? Oh boo fucking hoo! Well, I guess if you are a weak ass little pussy boy that may track. If you are one of those "bring-nothing-too-the-table" sensitive fragile, little bitches who whines and cries when his poor wounded boy feelings gets hurt- yeah, I may come off as mean. But let's be honest- as much as it has you quaking in your weak subby boy shoes, there's a part of you that knows this is what you deserve- a part of you that responds to this treatment favorably... and I think we both know exactly what part that is, yeah? Yeah, that fucking worthless little flesh nugget that dangles between your legs throbs and cries when I'm at my meanest, at my nastiest, doesn't it? Guess you are going to have to dig down deep, stop being such a weak little pussy, and man the fuck up if you ever want to be allowed to cum again, huh? Are you going to cry like a little bitch for me? I do so love it when you cry for me.

Why Are Weak Ass Pussy Boys... Weak Ass Pussy Boys?

Great question! The truth of the matter is that none of us truly knows why the seed of masculinity fails to take root in these fragile, weak specimens and why it sprouts mighty and strong in others. It could be as simple as them being included in our species precisely for the purpose of being little beta fuck toys for mean, dominant women and men, right? I mean, it makes sense that when you have dominant, successful, and busy ladies like me, we would need a bit of stress relief, and we can't very well demean, torment, abuse and defile a REAL man, right? Why, a real man would never allow himself to be treated the way I am going to treat you!

Or maybe you were dropped on your head, or you were both with one of those tiny stubby worthless cocks and needed to make yourself valuable in other ways? You may have not have even known what a fucking loser beta cuck boy you are until the first time you were rutting on top of what we both know was a very disappointed lady. But once you got a taste of that mean, mean medicine, any semblance of being a real man melted away, didn't it? You couldn't even pretend to yourself, and only the truth of verbal degradation turns that worthless little cock into a leaky, throbbing mess.

No matter how you arrived here, here you are, and what are we going to do about your need for abuse, humiliation, degradation and servitude?

Mistress of Mean Sessions: Breadth of Practice

Now one man's mean is another's kindness, yes? Each weak ass subby boy is going to need a customized service, and as such, I wanted to cover a little bit of the breadth of my practice. Aside for my very pure and true love of pain play, where I can extract a tribute from your flesh and make you suffer for me. But that is barely the surface, yes? Oh there is denial and delay, ruined orgasms, compelled edging, verbal humiliation, pegging and anal, cock sucking lessons, and oh... you weak ass fragile subby boys are soooo sensitive regarding your cocks, aren't you? All this to say- however a lowly pussy boy like you needs to be abused, I remain confident I can take you firmly in hand. Feel free to check out my ABOUT ME page for more details on how I plan to use and abuse you in sessions. We can begin your degradation via traditional dispatch call or via Skype.

If you aren't too much of a pussy pull on those big boy panties and give me a ring?




A Mean, Strict Mistress Clears up a Few Myths 

by Ms. Delia of www.mistressofmean.com


A mean, strict Mistress is often thought of as a screaming, sadistic bitch, and while that can be true in certain scenes, it is not always the case. Mistresses who are strict know exactly what they want, and have the expectation that as a good submissive, you will do exactly was is told to you, and you will do it well, with reverence, and letting your true submission show how you adore your Mistress.

A Mean, Strict Mistress can also be sensual at times, but often that is a special type of scene. For the most part, Mistresses who are strict are involved in the BDSM Lifestlyle, and often have submissives at their beck and call. But what are the myths about Mistresses who are strict? Let’s explore a few.


Myth – A Mistress who is Strict Screams and Yells at her Slaves


For me personally, being a lifestyle Mistress who is indeed strict, I truly despise this myth! See, I believe if a Mistress has to scream and yell at her submissive that something in their dynamic is very broken down. Instead of screaming, I feel that a good Mistress uses her tone, gestures, and how she looks at her submissive to maintain complete control!

A Mistress who is strict DOES maintain control, and if a submissive crosses a line, there is a consequence. I will go as far as saying I do not think screaming, even in a degrading humiliation scene, has a place with a good Mistress, strict or not!


Myth – A Mean, Strict Mistress ALWAYS uses Pain


This myth is simply not true. Let’s say your kink goals focus around a feminization transformation. Does there need to be pain involved in this? No! A  Mistress who is strict would have rules, protocols, clearly spelled out expectations, and more to transform you.

Generally in this scenario pain does not play in at all. But what about punishment? Isn’t that always physical pain? No! Let’s say you are a pain slut, masochist, spanking enthusiast, or one who can’t get enough impact play. Pain would excite you, not be a deterrent. A Mean, Strict Mistress might choose to ignore you and give you mundane tasks as a punishment, and for some slaves that is pure Hell!


Myth – A Mean Mistress Always Wears Leather, Boots, and has Whips


This myth is actually very silly. BDSM Porn movies may facilitate this kind of thinking. As a strict, lifestyle Mistress, I actually do things like grocery shop, go out to dinner, go to appointments, work out, etc. Leather and stiletto boots are just not appropriate for those activities!

A Mistress who is strict “wears” a certain attitude and demeanor no matter her outfit! A pencil skirt, pumps and stockings, and silky blouse can be just as effective as any fetish type outfit. It is all in how Mistress carries herself. The outfit can enhance, but does not make” the woman! What is inside her does!

There is no “one size fits all” with a Mean Mistress. Knowing this, be sure to provide your Femdom Mistress with all the information she needs to know about you. Perhaps fill out a BDSM Activity Chart to give Mistress a clear picture of who you are as a submissive. A Mistress will surely personalize training, rewards, and punishments, and lay out clear rules, expectations, and protocols for you!

Can you handle a true sstrict Mistress? Call one here at MistressOfMean.com and see if you can impress her!