Perks of Being A Mean Mistress

Being considered a “Mean Mistress” really has its perks. Oh, it is true that sometimes I scare away potential play things, but really there are so many to go around that they aren’t hard to replace. That just does not sound very nice does it? Well, that is why they don’t call me “Nice Mistress!” *laughing* Really, that would be boring wouldn’t it? If we were all nice and sweet and seductive.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with seduction and some of my sister Mistresses here at Enchantrix Empire are real pros are getting men to do absolutely anything they like, with just a wink of their eye. They sway those hips and maybe even flash a little skin and the guys just fall at their feet.

That’s just not my personality. I’m way more likely to reach out, grab your balls and squeeze until you fall to your knees at my feet – or just order you to get down there. That seems so much faster and is just as effective!


Mean Mistress: The Beauty of Cruelty


Now, back to those perks I was talking about it. One is the ultimate sense of control I have over my submissives. We engage in a variety of games and role plays that make them the subservient one to my goddess role! They become slaves or subs or sometimes even furniture when I need a good footstool to rest my feet on. Those are the ones who are able to hold very still and not wriggle when I use the very high heel of my boot like a dildo! I never let the ones who move too much act as my furniture, that just annoys me.

Which leads me to the next perk, I don’t tolerate annoyance or anything else I do not especially like. If I am not enjoying myself, well then you most certainly will not be enjoying yourself. If that means I lock you up in my dungeon and ignore you, well then that’s what it means. Though for most of you, just locking up your cock is enough.

Which I must admit is one of my very favorite things to do and the reason I became known as such a mean and cruel Mistress. You men love to be able to play with your cocks and when that right is taken away, it’s worse for you than a ball gag or a hood or anything else and most of you will start begging for release long before I have even entertained the thought of releasing you.



Amusement and Punishment

Another perk that I think every Mistress should have is entertainment. It amuses me to hear the begging and the bargaining you will come up with to try to convince me to do as you like. Though it should be obvious, I will say up front that I am not someone you can ever buy gifts for or bribe into doing what you want. I do exactly as I decide regardless of what you offer and your release comes at my whim, not at your wallet.

As long as you are entertaining me, I won’t change my course. Men locked up in chastity and teased are incredibly amusing to me. It is so much fun to keep you as my submissive, locked up, with your balls swollen, aching for me but unable to have me and unable to get any relief. This is so much fun it’s almost a shame when you try to trick me into letting you go.

You were already thinking it I know! I said as long as I am entertained. Thus, you were trying to determine how you could be less entertaining and then get me to let you go. The thing is, I know all about this game. So when it starts, I just let you play it out a bit and use all kinds of torturous teasing techniques on you to get you to break. If you don’t, well then I get upset. Because you all always forget that this is really all about me.

No, I mean it. It is all about me and I’m going to let you in on a secret. The only thing I love more than watching you squirm is punishing you. Whips and strap ons and of course very very lengthy stays in chastity are all ways I can punish you for not doing as I like, trying to trick me or just being especially entertaining. You keep me entertained and the best perk of all is that I can keep you…as long as I please.