Can You Handle a Mean and Strict Mistress?


So, you think you want a Mean and Strict Mistress. But do you really believe you can handle a truly cruel Mistress? I know you think that maybe you can, but what if she is more than just your imaginary version of mean? Are you ready to be controlled by a Mistress who is not worried about your happiness but only about her own amusement and entertainment?

That’s what I am here to help you figure out. You need to know if you can handle what a mean Mistress may choose to do with you or are you just wishing for someone to be a little bit more strict with you. Whatever you discover is okay with us, but we don’t want you to start down an road with a Mean Mistress only to get yourself hurt *giggle* or more importantly, to piss her off.

So, here are five ways to know if you can truly handle a Mean Mistress, though really, no matter how prepared you may think you are, you can never really be ready for us.


Strict Mistress Control and Punishment


First of all, you know you deserve to be punished. Believe it or not there are men who do not really believe they should be punished. They say they want to be, but really they just want to keep on doing all the naughty things they are told not to do. They want to play with their cocks and not get slapped into chastity. They whine when things happen that they don’t like and truly cannot understand why they are in trouble.

A strict and mean Mistress is not going to tolerate someone who is constantly whining and crying about things not going their way. They aren’t going to listen to you complain or negotiate with you. Maybe you just think you want mean because your strict Mistress isn’t strict enough in your opinion but you may not realize what you are getting in to. Which leads us to point number two – if you know without doubt that your strict Mistress is not strict enough for you then you most likely are prepared for a mean Mistress.


Do Not Disobey an Mean and Strict Mistress


Sometimes you just like to push and try to get away with things. A strict Mistress won’t allow that at first, but eventually if you keep on, she may start to believe that you really do want to be allowed to do it and since she is strict not mean, she might let you get away with a few things. A Mean and Strict Mistress will never do that. She doesn’t care what you want or how many times you ask for it or ask her not to do it. She is going to do exactly what she wants no matter what.

Third, is if you appreciate being controlled in all ways. Some men want to be told not to stroke, but they don’t want to be in chastity where they cannot stroke if they change their mind. A Mean Mistress doesn’t want to be bothered with listening to you whine about stroking, so she will lock you up.

You get to stroke if you are let out of your cage, if not then clearly you can’t and there is no further discussion on the topic. She will also control when you talk to her, what you wear, maybe even what you eat. She will certainly tell you which toys you are allowed to have and if and when you get to have an orgasm.

I wouldn’t count on too many of those from a Mean and Strict Mistress though, unless she is using them to humiliate you by proving that you will get excited and cum even when you claim you don’t like something. That’s always good for a laugh.


A Mean Mistress Can Never Seduced


If you ever even once in a while like to have your Mistress seduce you, then you do not want a Mean Mistress. She is not going to put you or herself into a seduction scene where she is tempting you with her body or words to get you excited. You need to be excited by how cruel and mean she can be, not wait for her to turn you on.

If you aren’t turned on by the fact that she has allowed you to be in her presence, then you might want to think about avoiding a mean Mistress. She is someone you will need to be excited by, just because she is there, not because she tried to turn you on, she will never attempt to do that, even though she is gorgeous and sexy and would have no problem with it, she’s not that type of Mistress.

So, if you think you can really handle a mean and strict Mistress, then come see us, we’re happy to make you wish you hadn’t even while you get far too excited to ever leave.