CBT and Other Torments From a Strict Mistress


Some men are looking for a Mean and Strict Mistress who can, and will, fulfill their darkest fantasies. These men are willing and more than ready to submit control to a Mistress during a phone sex session.

For these types of men, there is CBT or cock and ball torture. The CBT fetish is not for the faint of heart. Rather, reserve it for those who love the idea of a Mean Mistress teasing and torturing their cocks and balls for an extended period of time.

Each Strict Mistress adores the power that she is given by a CBT slave. She receives control of his most prized possession, “the family jewels,” so to speak. You will undergo several different types of sensual CBT with your Mean Mistress. First, you will have to compete in a strenuous guided masturbation marathon, where your Strict Mistress will control exactly how you will stroke your cock.

You will undergo edging, being pushed closer and closer to an earthshaking orgasm. As you approach that orgasm, your Mean Mistress will enforce orgasm denial upon you! You will NOT orgasm. This masturbation marathon was simply to ensure that your cock is especially hard before the real cock control even begins!


Strict Mistress Has My Cock Hard….Now What?


So, you are sitting there, helpless, with blue balls and your cock rock hard. Even though it is painfully throbbing from the intense edging delivered by your Mean Mistress, she pushes you even further. Your Femdom Mistress will then take advantage of your foot fetish if you happen to have one. She will indulge in your trampling fantasy by lightly pressing her perfect toes into your cock and balls.

Next, she will then stroke the length of your cock with her beautiful feet to get you rock-hard again.  Feel her applying intense pressure upon your cock and balls with those perfect feet of hers. She will relish your grunts, groans, sighs and moans of pain and pleasure during erotic and sensual CBT.

As your cock starts to ooze precum, possibly even against your own will, your Strict Mistress will become furious with your mess, and you will be on all fours licking up your own precum from the floor! As you bend over on all fours, not only are you exposing your bare ass, but also your dangling cock and balls. This is an opportunity for some truly inventive CBT from your Mistress.

You will feel smack after smack raining down on your poor ass during spanking phone sex with your Strict Mistress. Notwithstanding, this will not be all. Occasionally, you will feel a “misplaced” smack sting you in your most delicate areas, turning a normal spanking into a mind-bending night of CBT phone sex! You will relish the punishment that your sadistic Mistress gives you. Indeed, you will willingly, spontaneously worship her during every break that you get during your intense session.


Teased, Only To Be Denied, Again!


While you are busy worshiping your Mean Mistress, you will feel yourself being pushed close to orgasm once again, through guided masturbation and tease and denial. Your cock tease Mistress will be eager to edge you to near orgasm in an attempt to have you experience a painful ruined orgasm as part of your CBT session. In fact, many would say that a ruined orgasm is the ultimate form of CBT!

A ruined orgasm is a torturous form of tease and denial, despite how easily a Mean Mistress can pull it off. Basically, she will instruct you in guided masturbation, watching carefully as she edges you closer and closer to orgasm. To reach that edge, you will use SLOW and DELIBERATE strokes to assure you do not cum accidentally.

A ruined orgasm may be achieved by cupping the tip of your cock firmly at the exact moment of your orgasm. This will cause cum to travel back down your cock and into your balls. To be sure, a sensual, yet painful CBT experience!

CBT is a very special form of Mean Mistress phone sex. Generally, the typical, sensual BDSM player is not the target audience.  This is a light form of a much more intense fetish, specifically meant for those who are starting out in cock and ball torture.

Even though you will experience much tease and denial and even ruined orgasms, you will eventually be allowed to have that much-needed release. You will have the most explosive and amazing orgasm of your entire life. But only when and if your Strict Mistress allows it!