Coerced Bi Surprise


This is the story of a man who thought he was very masculine.  Until I turned him into my coerced bi slave.

I once had a little slave boy who was very masculine. Some would even say hyper-masculine. He was one of those men who never gave the slightest hint in his regular life that he was submissive, much less that he was at the beck and call of a dominant woman such as me.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think that this Type A man was an alpha male in all areas of his life….

He was actually a very good submissive, though. Powerful men often are. He learned quickly, and he naturally did all he could to obey me. I was pleased with him most of the time.

Unfortunately, he had one rather unpleasant habit that didn’t particularly thrill me, one that is often shared by other men just like him. He liked to make jokes at the expense of gay men. I find this sort of thing juvenile on the one hand and rude on the other. Besides, I have quite a few wonderful gay friends, and I don’t like hearing them insulted like that.

I tried for a while to break this nasty habit of his, but while my corrections seemed to reduce the number of “cocksucker” insults that came from his lips, they didn’t eliminate them altogether.


Mean Mistress Teaches Slave a Lesson


I decided that punishment wasn’t going to do it. It was time to make an example of him in a way that he wouldn’t soon forget.

As I mentioned before, I have quite a few gay friends, some of whom are dominant gay men. I also have a slave who enjoys anal play and strap on fun. You can probably see where this is going.

One night, I informed my slave that I had quite a surprise for him. He was excited and kept trying to get me to tell him what it was. Being the Mean Mistress that I am, however, I refused to spill the beans. I did tell him, though, that if he loves our normal strap on sessions, he’ll really love the surprise that was in store for him.

Given the hints I’d dropped, I felt sure that he was prepared for a night with my strap on. I did nothing to spoil this illusion of his.


Ready For This Big Cock?


When I received a text from a very good friend, telling me he was about 10 minutes from my house, I led my slave upstairs. He wasn’t sure what his Femdom Mistress was plotting, but judging from the bulge in his pants, he was awfully excited about it nonetheless.

I had him strip, then kneel in the middle of my bedroom floor. This was something I had him do often, so it was no cause for concern. I also put a blindfold on him, which is something else I do semi-regularly, so he had no reason to wonder about this, either. It was then that my big, dominant gay male friend stepped noiselessly into my bedroom. I’d left the door downstairs unlocked for him and given him permission to let himself in.

Seeing that our “victim” was ready, my friend quickly removed his clothes. Together, the two of us walked over in front of my slave. My friend’s hard cock was just inches from my slave’s mouth. I placed my hands on my slave’s head as I often do before I put my strap on into his mouth. “Are you ready for this big cock?” I asked him.

Slave Becomes a Cocksucking Slut


“Yes, Mistress!” he exclaimed and opened his mouth slightly, so that he could take it for me.

“Take it then,” I said, stepping back so that my friend could slip his cock between my slave’s lips.

You can imagine how shocked he was when he realized that it was a real flesh-and-blood cock in his mouth instead of my strap on dildo! He tried to pull away, but I stepped behind him to prevent it. I held his head down, and he had no choice but to submit to this coerced cocksucking.

Pulling away the blindfold so that he could see his “Master” for the night, I whispered in his ear, “What does it feel like, being a real, live cocksucker?”

He whimpered around the cock in his mouth, but realized he was stuck. He had to keep sucking like a good coerced bi slut.

After that night, he only slipped and made an insulting comment toward a gay person once. I immediately shot back, “You should know all about being a cocksucker, shouldn’t you…?” I’ve had no problems out of him in that department since!