Does Mean Equal Yelling?


I am a Mean Mistress but I’ve never been someone who screams and yells. I get my way and like it. People have even called me, “Mean,” but screaming at someone just seems like so much extra work for very little return. Honestly, if a Mistress is yelling at you, does that make her more in control? This is a question I’m often asked.  Sometimes, by other Mistresses, when we are discussing all our fun and naughty things.  Additionally, though, from men who are interested in a very strict Mistress.

When you meet me, you’ll find that while I will say and do just about anything at all and will require the same of you, I don’t have an especially loud or harsh voice. I’ve been described as soft spoken and told I sound “too nice” to be strict. This works, in my opinion, to my advantage.

As a Mistress, I’ve found that while everyone has their own style, there are certain things that work really well for me. One of those things is the element of surprise. When you speak to me and I act differently than you expect, that’s a plus for me. But what are the different kinds of approaches to control?  Read on and I’ll tell you.  Or at least give you some of my opinions on them.


Mistress/Slave Compatibility


Let’s go back to the beginning, where I was talking about yelling versus not. Truthfully, many men have expressed a desire for me to yell at them. I don’t yell. Many sexy Mistresses, even those here, who are friends of mine, are more than happy to yell at you. I am not one of those women. It’s not in my nature to yell. Much like a dog trainer, it seems to do no good, in my experience, to yell. Getting louder in an argument, or a discussion of control, shows, to me, a lack of control.

If the only way I can convince you to do as I’ve asked is to yell at you, than I am probably not the Mistress for you. Your ability to listen to me and do as I tell you, without my voice being raised, determines whether or not I select you as a slave.

This is very important, as not every Mistress and every slave is a perfect match. This is, of course, not the fault of the Mistress.  EVER.  But rather the inability of a slave to adapt to the style of a particular Mistress. That’s okay, as there are many of us. However, I have found it to be an essential bit of knowledge. We must discover if you and I are compatible in our styles of domination.


Quiet Control


If you need a Mistress to get in your face and scream at you like you are in a gym working out or in trouble with your parent, then I am not going to be the type of woman for you and you are not going to be my slave. Of course, I understand that some men do need that. We all have our own unique desires and sometimes those are not something easily explained. As a Mistress, I know all about that.  Still, it doesn’t mean I’m going to fucking change for you. Like I said, I’m very good at what I do, but yelling at you isn’t necessary for me and not something I will do.

Simply put, when I talk, you hear my soft lilting voice, smooth and gentle and you aren’t always expecting what I’m going to say to you. This works in my favor. You don’t expect me to issue orders or require you to complete humiliating assignments. But I do and I will. If you don’t, I’m not about to yell at you, though. I will simply express to you how terribly unhappy I am and punish you.

Yelling Is a Waste Of My Time


As you can tell by everything I’ve said, I truly believe that yelling at you is a waste of my time. Not that there isn’t a time and place, and even a person, who needs to be yelled at occasionally.  But it is not what I normally do. You won’t notice though, most likely, because I don’t tolerate anyone questioning me.  I am the one in control, you’ll notice that. You’ll notice that I am beautiful and so is my voice.

You’ll notice that I am mean and can be downright cruel in my control. But by the time you have submitted to me, you won’t notice that I never raise my voice, because even though soft-spoken, I leave no room for argument. There you have it. Being a Mean Mistress does not mean I am a yelling Mistress.