Humiliating Cuckold Scenarios


Historically speaking, the word “cuckold” is a somewhat derogatory term for a man with an unfaithful wife. Notwithstanding, did anyone stop to think about why said wife strays? Perhaps the truth is that the husband is unable to satisfy his Mean Mistress.

There are any number of reasons why a husband is unsatisfactory in bed. First of all, size matters. His lack of size means he simply cannot please a Mean Mistress or, in fact, ANY woman. Secondly, the man just may not have the sexual stamina that his Strict Mistress may require of her lovers. The last reason is that the wife may have always preferred to have a Cuckold Bull to please her.

Fortunately, cuckolding has not only started to become more and more acceptable in today’s society, but it has also become quite popular! This has created opportunities for many more potential cuckold bulls for the needy and greedy Mean Mistress of the relationship. The husband or the beta male has new responsibilities. These are necessary since he is unable to please the hot wife or Strict Mistress appropriately.


How Erotic Humiliation Works


For humiliation to be effective in the sexual context, the humiliation must be somewhat sexual in nature. Wikipedia defines erotic humiliation as “the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context, whereby one person gains arousal or erotic excitement from the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned, or of humiliating another; often (but not always) in conjunction with sexual stimulation of one or both partners in the activity.” Generally speaking, things such as humiliation for being unable to sustain arousal and small penis humiliation arouse men.  Mistresses use punishment and/or spanking to shape almost any behavior. Some men find that humiliates them. Depending on how a mistress wants to use it as a tool, erotic humiliation works both publicly and privately.

It is important, however, that you remember that there is a significant difference between humiliation and dominance. When men seek humiliation, a Mistress “ordering them around” is simply not enough. They wish to feel that sexual force pushing them to engage in a task (foot worship, ass worship, spanking, wearing panties, etc.). Humiliation comes from shared attitudes of the people involved. The Mean Mistress does not just control, but degrades the male submissive.

Humiliation comes in a number of different forms and methods when performed by any Mean Mistress. It is almost certain that you have been fantasizing about your own personal humiliation for quite some time.  Now, you have no choice.  Admit to your Strict Mistress your dreams of  humiliation.


Forms Of Erotic Humiliation Men Especially Like


Some forms of humiliation that are more popular are verbal humiliation and physical humiliation. Both verbal and physical humiliations can vary in both intensity and in design. There are many creative ways to utilize both types of erotic humiliation when attempting to reshape a new or unruly male submissive.

During verbal humiliation, a strict femdom may belittle and degrade her male submissive. She will also make slights at the shortcomings of his manhood and overall physical appearance. Often, he will have to ask for permission for what was once considered a common task. Male submissives  often excessively flatter their Mean Mistresses, a requirement.  While Mean Mistresses mock and ridicule their submissives, an amusement.

There are many types of physical humiliation, but there are some that appear to be more prominent in male fantasies than others.  Having their Mean Mistress spit in their faces arouses many men.  During many forms of physical humiliation, Strict Mistresses require men to worship, massage and orally please them.  To be told to wear feminine clothing or, even worse, to be locked in male chastity are two more ways to erotically humiliate men. Micro-managing, suppressing movement and/or privacy, and even standing in the corner are all forms of erotic humiliation.  They help men recognize their servitude to their Mean Mistress.

Humiliation is a powerful sexual tool that can be utilized by a Mean Mistress in order to train her male submissives. No matter how wrong it seems, erotic humiliation arouses you. There is no denying you intensely need humiliation phone sex with a Mean Mistress.


What a Cuckold Can and Cannot Do


There are still several tasks that the husband will be allowed to perform for his wife.  He will often help her dress for her dates with her chosen cuckold bull. The husband must be vigilant. It’s his job to help his Mean Mistress look and feel her absolute best before any and every date. The husband will also orally please his wife prior to her lovemaking sessions with her cuckold lover. Another job is to properly arouse his wife for that big, throbbing cock! When it’s over, the extraordinarily lucky husband licks out the sweet mixture of cum from the cuckold bull.  Then, finally, the sweet juices of his sexy, Mean Mistress.

As if the beta male or husband is not humiliated enough by just having to watch his wife fuck another man, that man is often much younger and can outlast the beta male by eons. This younger stud can satisfy the Strict Mistress in ways that the beta male could never imagine.  Furthermore, he also adores the power he gets from fucking an older, married woman while her husband watches. The cuckold husband is, simply put, inferior in all possible ways to this young, sexy stud.


Types Of Cuckold Bulls


You often find the cuckold stud in one of two subsections of men: the BBC (big black cock) and the pool boy.

Many cuckold couples have a BBC or big black cock fetish. These couples realize that the hot wife and Mean Mistress needs a young, hung black stud to satisfy all of her sexual urges and desires. There are even cuckold parties where young, well-endowed black studs will gather so that they will have the opportunity to meet with white cuckold couples! Almost every Mean Mistress will have a ‘sweet’ spot for BBC.  She will be more than happy to accommodate any BBC cuckold fetish!

The pool boy cuckold stud happens frequently through simple boredom. Many hot wives spend a lot of time at home alone.  Consequently, it is very easy for them to get bored and lonely, which is a deadly combination in any common housewife! The husband, who is often very busy with his business ventures, will mistakenly, or intentionally, hire an overly attractive and exceptionally well-hung pool boy or gardener who will, incidentally, take better care of his household than was ever intended! The husband purposefully sets up some of these encounters so that he catches his hot wife in the middle of a hot fuck with her newest cuckold stud.

All the Perks and Advantages

A cuckold stud truly gets all of the perks and advantages of fucking a smoking hot, older, experienced lady without all of the drawbacks of dating. He doesn’t have to “wine and dine” her or even worry about feelings, or, worse, a long-term relationship! In fact, the husband often pays for the various dates, even the luxurious vacations, the cuckold bull often takes with the Strict Mistress.  

The cuckold husband must know that there is one last way that his services will be required during cuckold phone sex with his Mean Mistress. He will have to learn to become the proper fluffer boy and clean up slave. He will be responsible for sucking the dick of the young stud in order to get him ready to please his hot wife. At the end of every cuckold session, the husband will then clean up both his Mean Mistress and the young stud’s cock!