Humiliation: What It Is And How A Mean Mistress Uses It


Many men have inherent desires so serve dominant and powerful women and with that, oftentimes a need for humiliation is included. They so badly want to be able to give into their feelings of submission, but there is always something that keeps them from being able to give in completely. Sometimes, the first step into submission is a therapeutic admission of your fetish.

You have to start by explaining your fetish to your mean Mistress. Admitting your desires to your femdom will not only help her to guide you into your new journey, but also will help you to learn some humility through this humiliating admission. Humiliation is a powerful tool that is utilized by your Mistress for many reasons. It is psychologically complex and offers up a number of behavioral shaping tools, as well as fulfilling the need to be humiliated that many men have.

According to the dictionary, humiliation has 3 base definitions as follows:

1. state of disgrace or loss of self-respect

2. chagrin: strong feelings of embarrassment

3. an instance in which one is caused to lose one’s prestige or self-respect; “He had to undergo one humiliation after another.”

These definitions are important to remember, as they are the basic building blocks of sexual humiliation. This is basically the systematic breakdown of the human psyche so that it can be rebuilt to meet the standards of the mean Mistress. Humiliation is used as a tool of sexual psychological warfare that the submissive submits to willingly.


How Erotic Humiliation Works


For humiliation to be effective in the sexual context, it must be somewhat sexual in nature. Wikipedia defines erotic humiliation as “the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context, whereby one person gains arousal or erotic excitement from the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned, or of humiliating another; often (but not always) in conjunction with sexual stimulation of one or both partners in the activity.”

Generally speaking, men are aroused by things such as small penis humiliation and being humiliated for not being unable to sustain arousal. Other men may find it humiliating to be punished and/or spanked by their mistresses, which can be used to shape almost any behavior! Humiliating the submissive  can be done publicly or privately, depending on how a mistress wants to use it as a tool.

It is important, however, that you remember that there is a significant difference between being humiliated and being dominated. Often, men who are seeking humiliation are not simply seeking to be “ordered around,” as much as wishing to feel a sexual force pushing them to engage in a task (foot worship, ass worship, spanking wearing panties, etc.). Humiliation comes from shared attitudes from the people who are involved, where the mean Mistress wishes to not just control, but to degrade the male submissive.

Humiliation comes in a number of different forms and methods when performed by any mean Mistress. It is almost certain that you have been fantasizing about your being sexually humiliated for quite some time now and you have no choice but admit to your strict Mistress about how you have always dreamed of being humiliated.


Forms of Being Humiliated Men Especially Like


Some forms of humiliation that are more popular are verbal humiliation and physical humiliation. Both verbal and physical humiliations can vary in both intensity and in design. There are many creative ways to utilize both types of erotic humiliation when attempting to reshape a new or unruly male submissive.

During verbal humiliation, a strict femdom may belittle and degrade her male submissive. She will also make slights at the shortcomings of his manhood and overall physical appearance. Often, he will have to ask for permission for what was once considered a common task. Male submissives are often required to excessively flatter their mean Mistresses, while they themselves are mocked and ridiculed.

There are many ways to be physically humiliated, but there are some that appear to be more prominent in male fantasies than others. Many men are aroused by the idea of having their mean Mistress spit in their faces. Men are required to worship, massage and orally please their strict Mistress during many forms of physical humiliation.

Another form of being humiliated erotically is to be told to wear feminine clothing or, even worse, to be locked in male chastity. Micro-management, suppressed movement and/or privacy, and even being made to stand in the corner are all forms of erotic humiliation that help men to recognize their servitude to their mean mistress.

Humiliation is a powerful sexual tool that can be utilized by a mean Mistress in order to train her male submissives. No matter how wrong it seems to be aroused by bing erotically humiliated, there is no denying your intense need for humiliating phone sex with a mean Mistress.