Kept In Chastity Hell By A Mean Mistress


When I am through with you, you will be in chastity hell! You have been a very naughty boy for some time now, haven’t you? You have always put your OWN needs before those of your lovers, have you not? That is why you are alone now, is it not? You know that you need to learn a few things. A couple of those things are orgasm denial and orgasm control. You must also learn that the needs and desires of your mean Mistress will always come before your OWN desires. Your desires do not matter anymore.

You will also learn that you will only orgasm when you are told to by your Mean Mistress. You will learn to love tease and denial; it may be the only time you are given any real attention from your femdom Mistress.

You will learn to endure male chastity at all times when your Mistress has not un-caged you for the purpose of using you (for her OWN pleasure, NOT yours) or to tease you for long periods of time. Your strict Mistress will utilize male chastity in order to teach you to no longer think with your dick. Male chastity will teach you that you must focus on the needs and or desires of your mean mistress. There are many ways of serving her. You will have to not only learn each of them, but also learn to excel in all these areas. If you do not learn to please your Mistress to her standards, you will be kept in male chastity for even longer.


How Male Chastity Begins


You will start off by being kept in male chastity for short periods of time such as two to three days, then two or three weeks, before you are freed and milked by your femdom Mistress. As long as you behave and remember to keep the needs of your Mistress first, you will generally be given a one week break from male chastity. During this week, you will be teased and milked daily after you have brought your strict Mistress to a sufficient number of orgasms. After your week is up, you will be locked back into male chastity for three to four weeks! If you fail at pleasing your Mistress, you could be locked back into chastity hell even earlier.

Your tease and denial Mistress will slowly train you to spend more and more of your time in male chastity. This is for your own good. You will be allowed to use this time to reflect on what it meant to please women and to repent for all of the times that you were selfish in your desires, whether it was accidental or purposeful. Male chastity is the only way for you to learn how to push your needs aside permanently so that you can focus on the desires of your strict Femdom. You will soon become so well trained that you can only orgasm on her command or on the predetermined schedule that she has given you.


Serving Your Mistress While Chaste


You will master the art of cunnilingus. This experience will only increase the pleasure of your Mistress when she decides to indulge in her face sitting fetish! While you are orally pleasing your strict Mistress you will also be enduring tedious tease and denial. You better hope that you can have perfect orgasm control, no matter HOW aroused you get! If you were to accidentally have an early orgasm, there would be DIRE consequences to be carried out by your Mistress.

If you accidentally have an early explosion, you may have to endure one of the following options:

(1) CBT with your mean Mistress

(2) A longer sentence in male chastity.

You may have a choice in which option or route you take, but you will not have control once you pick your own punishment for putting your needs before those of your mean mistress! Which punishment do you think you would pick? Perhaps you will just learn to be a good phone sex slave for your mean mistress and have perfect orgasm control, so that you have no need for any of these punishments!

We can only hope that you can control your urgent need to orgasm when you are being teased–unless, of course, you prefer it when your Mistress is very mean. Perhaps you want for your strict mistress to punish you. That was your true intention all along, wasn’t it? Maybe, deep down, you wanted to submit to spanking phone sex with your mean Mistress? Or was your secret desire in long term key holding by your strict Mistress? Have you always wanted to be kept in male chastity for months on end?