Mean Mistress: The Meeting


You have no idea what it means for me to be very mean. You think you do, but so far only strict and slightly cruel have been your experiences, tonight you will find out the difference between me and them. Her voice drifted through the phone to him. It wasn’t something he expected though he had been waiting for it for days. Ever since he dialed the number he’d been given by the professional dominatrix he had visited.


Strict Isn’t Strict Enough


The Mistress who had given him the number had been too kind from the very beginning though both had tried to make the relationship work, though after a few false starts they’d settled into a routine that never really worked for either of them. He’d wanted someone to truly be cruel and uncaring and she, while strict was not that. She was domineering and interested in him enjoying the experience as well. That was where it all fell apart.

I don’t want someone to care if I enjoy it, I need her to not care. I need her do as she pleases to order me to do as she pleases and not think of my excitement at all. Never one to top from the bottom like so many other submissive men he knew, it was difficult when she asked him questions like “What do you like?” It had made him uncomfortable, not truly feeling worthy of answering that instead he had shrugged and she had gotten frustrated with him. Finally just leaving the room and coming back with a number.

He’d taken the slip of red paper she thrust in his direction, finger trembling as she explained that if he wanted cruel, fine call this Mistress and you will have cruel. Then she had ordered him out of her home, away from the manufactured dungeon with its props and out into the world again. He’d dialed the number from his cell phone as he walked out of her place and down the street, leaving a message in response to the automated voice that said “Here you are now, entertain me.” It wasn’t entertaining he was certain, lots of stops and starts, ums and pauses, while he told her his story, what he hoped for and how he had gotten her number, hoping she would take him on.



Mean Mistress: No Turning Back Now


Days passed and he heard nothing then it happened, it was getting dark when he started out, per her instructions. The weather on the coast was wet even when it was dry and he knew he’d be damp and cold as he walked to the address she had given him, over five miles from his home, out on the coast where there were no streetlights to guide him.

Her first instruction had been to walk. She made it clear she would know if he cheated in any way and her voice convinced him that if he even tried to hop on the bus she would find out and make him sorry for doing it. Though that held a certain appeal as well he wasn’t sure what she would do and didn’t want her reaction to be to tell him to get the fuck away.

The house was huge and she left him waiting outside long enough that it seemed she may have left, had him walk all the way down the coastal highway, only to not be there at all. But she was there and the moment he saw her he knew this was a different kind of woman than he was used to. She didn’t ask him any questions, just began issuing orders for him to remove his clothing and then inspecting him.

When he spoke she ignored him completely, finally shoving a ball gag into his mouth when he tried to get some kind of kudos from her for doing just as he was told. “Following instructions is expected not rewarded.” That was the only thing she said to let him know she heard him, though by the end of the night he wished she hadn’t heard anything at all, as he was made to regret the prideful boasting about his ability to follow instructions and learned that really he had often expected to top from the bottom and complete submission was something he hadn’t experienced before.

I’ve experienced it now though. The cruelty of a Mistress who truly does not care if I want to do as she asks, but only expects me to do it. A real honest to goodness Mistress of Mean to take control, take over and make sure I never forget who is in charge.