Mean Mistress vs. Bratty Mistress


Have you ever wondered about the difference between a mean mistress and a bratty mistress? I tried sessions with a few different Mistresses. We all do that and I highly recommend it. You never know if someone is the perfect fit until you have met someone who isn’t. That’s when you can tell if someone is perfect for you, if they will be the Mistress that you can trust and enjoy your time with and who will agree to let you be their slave.

Not all Mistresses will allow that you know. You start out as a potential or a wanna-be slave, depending on the Mistress. Or maybe she takes one look at you and sends you away. I have to tell you that is a good indication of if you are dealing with a strict Mistress or a truly mean Mistress. If she’s going to give you the chance to become her slave, maybe a few tasks to see if you are worthy, then she is a strict Mistress. Those tasks may be difficult to complete and she might even set you up to fail a few times, but I promise you she is strict not mean.

It is wonderful to have them both though to control me, as sometimes I need different things. I can’t very well expect my Mistress to change her style just to accommodate me. That would be incredibly presumptuous of me, to think that I, as a slave, am the one who should have things done for me. Really that is the purpose of a slave, to do things for their Mistress.

It’s my duty to make sure that both Mistresses are happy at all times, though this is a bit of a chore as they are different. Some of you are most likely wondering just what these differences are and I want to make sure you understand that while both are gorgeous and dominant one Mistress is mean and the other bratty. (Their words not mine, I would never try to categorize either of them)


My Bratty Mistress


She is one of those younger, bratty Mistresses who I’m sure you know. Though her name isn’t as important as her attitude and the way she conducts herself, she is well known for her ease at being not only a spoiled princess but a very bratty Mistress. Her voice is sweet and girlish, like many bratty Mistresses and she has no problem getting whatever she wants from me anytime. Not because she demands it, oh no, that is not her style. She simply starts talking to me about something she desires or a new idea of something fun to find for me to do.

This fun for her is not always so much fun for me, but she doesn’t seem to care of notice that I might be uncomfortable with her fun new idea. The thought that coming to one of her parties and performing for her friends, showing them how good I am at sucking a strap on, she giggles with delight at this thought, while I cringe. She starts to talk more and more about it, slowly making it the topic of our conversations every time.

Until I can no longer pretend this is a whim that will pass, but have to start knowing that I will be doing soon, whatever it is she likes. My bratty Mistress is very convincing and her sensual teasing always gets her whatever she wants. I need this sometimes, someone to tease me and cajole me into doing exactly what she likes and I really want.


My Mean Mistress


Oh my, this woman has no tolerance for my tendency to pretend I don’t know what she wants me to do. She won’t talk about it for days and then let me come around to knowing I do want to and will do it. She is cruel and while they are both dominant, she revels in the thought of seeing the shock on my face and will say whatever is necessary to create that look. Her thrill seems to be to spring something new on me and give me no time to adjust to it or digest it, before requiring me to do it.

It’s not unlikely that she will open the door and say only “on your knees slut”, pressing her long nails into my shoulder as she pushes me to the ground. As my knees hit the floor, I’ll see a line of men or women with strap ons, waiting. While she explains that today I’m a cock whore. This terrifies and excites me, making it impossible for me to say no. Sometimes this is exactly what I need. To be told without mercy what I am to do and know that there is no point in discussion as the more I argue the more she will come up with for me to do.

As you can see, both these ladies are worth their weight and more in gold and I need to be controlled in all ways. Between the two of them I am totally under their control. My cock is never my own and they are the only ones who decide what I do with it. I love having both a bratty Mistress and a mean Mistress!