Shoe Worship With Mean Mistress


Why are there so many submissive men out there who have a foot fetish? Perhaps it’s because somewhere in those little pea brains of theirs, they realize that they belong at the feet of a superior woman. That part is all well and good, I suppose.

What’s not all well and good is how those foot fetishists presume that dominant women are going to fall all over themselves for a man to worship their feet. Ha! It doesn’t quite work that way. I hate to be the one to burst your little bubble, but…no.

Are you aware of how many other men there are, just like you? Do you know how many of them would do anything in order to worship my feet? What is it about you,  that you think makes you so special, that you deserve the privilege of touching my feet?

Exactly. There’s nothing about you that distinguishes you from every other foot lover out there. So what makes you think I’ll let you worship them? You don’t deserve it. You haven’t yet earned the privilege.


Shoe Worship: Earn the Privilege To Worship My Feet


How can you earn the privilege? Well, there many ways, but one that I especially enjoy is having you worship my shoes. Why’s that? It’s because it puts you in the place you deserve to be, which is beneath my feet.  Additionally, it doesn’t immediately give you exactly what you want. It can also be viewed as somewhat humiliating. You have to worship my shoes because you’re simply not good enough to worship my feet. Nothing about you is worthy of touching any part of my body, so you have to settle for touching that which touches my body. Lucky you.

I’m not even going to wear strappy sandals while you worship my shoes. If I did that, your hands and mouth might touch my bare feet between the straps, and, well, you just haven’t earned that privilege yet, have you?

Instead, I’ll be wearing my black patent leather knee-high boots. They have a nice, thick four-inch heel and a 1 1/2-inch platform underneath the toe and ball of my foot. That’ll leave you plenty of shoe to worship without my having to worry about you touching my feet by accident.

Get down on your knees in front of me. No, better yet, lie down in front of me. Show your strict Mistress just how much lower you are than she is. Beg me to let you worship my boots.


Worship Mean Mistress’s Boots


Very good. Now, where do you think you should start? That’s right–you begin at the bottoms of my shoes. Lick the dirt off the soles and make sure you don’t miss any of it. Better enjoy yourself down there because you’re going to be there for quite some time as your mean Mistress sits back and laughs at you. You do like humiliation don’t you, you nasty little shoe slut?

Get the bottoms clean, but leave the heels for now. You’ll be coming back to those later.

Now, lick your way up the sides and across the tops of my boots. I want to be able to see my reflection in that patent leather once you finish. Look how hard your pathetic cock is. If I never let you worship my feet, you’ll probably be ok with it, since you appear to be developing a shoe fetish before my very eyes!

Take your time. Go slowly. If you take your time, you can make absolutely certain that you’ve cleaned my boots properly. It’ll also give me even more time to have a few laughs at your expense! Make your way up my legs and clean the shafts of the boots as well. Once you think you’ve cleaned them to the best of your ability, tell me, and I’ll inspect them.

Back To the Heel


Mmm…finished already, are you? Remember when I told you we’d save the heel for later? Well, it’s time to revisit that. Go down and lick the heel clean as well…the sides and the bottom. And when you’ve got it clean, wrap your lips around it and suck it into your mouth like the wannabe cocksucker that you are. What’s it feel like having a shoe heel in your mouth that’s bigger than your little dick?

Aww, are you going to cum from fellating the heel of my boot and imagining that it’s a big, black cock? Keep sucking. If I let you cum, you’re going to shoot your load all over the top of my other boot and then clean up your mess with your tongue when you’re done. Then it’ll be just like sucking cock for me, since you’ll be eating cum at the end, either way.

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