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Owning your cock and squeezing those knuckles as I get you on your knees to the floor. Imagine that scenario. Your eyes get wide in fear as I do that, telling you that you are a very owned slave. My slave for me to do as I wish. My slave for me to control like a puppet on a string. My slave to be owned by ME, a Mistress of Mean.

Having this reputation of being a mean girl Humiliatrix brings to me many boys who are in need of the most strict training disciplines. Being locked away, severe caning, cruel humiliation, extended bondage, cruel mind fuck games, and just plain meanie treatment. Boys in need of treatment done by a Mistress of Mean. Someone who will understand that you need punishment without a doubt. Do you have a very special punishment that is dear to you? Possibly my feet stuffed in your mouth or a hard and fast trample session. Is it chastity you are looking for? Good! A very heavy cage may be a delight to you, complete with an extended sentence.

Prepare for your call by being naked and ready to present yourself on Skype if you have an account. If you do not have Skype access, send a variety of photos that I may view. Do you feel brave enough for that? If not be prepared to be humiliated. But that is what I???????m sure you would absolutely love! Call me for a session, prepare with an appointment, or simply be spontaneous and call your Princess.