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Does the vixen show mercy to the rabbit? Does the lioness pity the gazelle? Well then, why expect mercy from me? Of course you could say that animals are not really mean, rather they're acting on instinct, each creature following it's inherent nature. In my case I'm also following my true nature, but with an additional intelligence that turns instinct into pure mean. I'm mean because I want to be, because I like to be, because I just am. And don't think you can appeal to my "better nature" because I don't have one; the more you plead and beg, the more you grovel, the meaner I get.

I'm not easily impressed. I don't care if you have a big fat dick, a big fat wallet, or a big... well you get the idea, and anyway, even if in some way you were able to impress me, it would only make me more mean. "More mean"? There's something to ponder.

It's a common misconception, especially among North Americans (in my experience) that good manners denote a lack of assertiveness. Some people equate meanness with rudeness. Over in my home country of England, we appreciate the finely honed cutting edge of a sharp tongue. Just because I'm polite, well-spoken, sometimes even soft-spoken, that doesn't mean I can't make you cry. In fact, I'll insinuate myself into your soul before you even realise it's happening and once I'm there, well let's just say that "resistance is futile". You may fool the rest of the world, but you don't fool me. Don't you know yet that what you've got between your legs makes you weak, not strong? If you don't, I suppose we know what your first lesson will be, don't we?

Mercy? There is none.