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I am a Strict, evil, demonic Mistress. I have been called Demon Mistress Simone because of the sadistic, demented streak inside of Me. I get off yelling at men. I enjoy Dominating Doms. (Or rather men that think themselves to be Doms.) I am a real time Mistress that has a Husband and a sissy. I dominate both of them. Then, there are the parties I've gone to in My life where I dominate both men and women. I love the hunt. There is something both predatory and awesome about hunting a male that is wandering through a house trying to hide from you.

Here?s how the hunt game works: I hunt you with My nerf gun. When you are hit, you have to lay down where you are. It is then that I can make you My toy. The things I can do and inflict upon you are as completely unlimited as My sadistic mind. I can tie you up while laying there. I can parade you around to My friends. I can pull out My strap on while others watch. All that matters is that you know and understand that you are nothing without Me being there.

Your whole purpose is to please Me. You know without a doubt that I can use you as a whipping boy or a serving boy, it matters not. I can yell at you for hours or call you horrible names. My abusive nature is practically unbearable and you wouldn't have it any other way. You are addicted to the pain, both physical and emotional that I give you every single day because I am a Mistress of Mean!