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Let me start out by saying that I do not typically describe Myself as a "Mistress". In reality, I am what you would call a hot, kinky bitch. A diva. I love to use My words and laughter as ammunition to put bottom feeders like you in their place. I will describe to you in detail, every twisted, degrading, painful and humiliating thing I will do. I will use your shortcomings, perverted fantasies and pathetic real life experiences to mock you.

There will be no sympathy, because My sadistic side understands the brain of a verbal masochist. And it completely amuses and arouses Me that this is this is the only way to reach that mind blowing orgasm a slut like you craves. That's if you even deserve one.

If you are too much of a wimp and cannot take the verbal bitch slaps I throw at you, the pain I will cause you or the disgusting things I will make you do, don't even bother dialing for the Diva bitch side of Empress Casey. On second thought, be My guest. I get off on making pussies like you cry.