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If you believe that I am going to be sweet and sensual with you, oh boy, have you come to the wrong place! Sure, I do have a sweet side, but not here! Here I am a Mean Mistress, a Mistress of Pain, and I can promise you will feel that pain whether it be physical or emotional. I get off on dishing it out! I have very high expectations! Know that when you call me, I expect you to be respectful, already on your knees, and ready to address me as Ma'am. You will speak to me with respect, and will fetch the implements I ask you to fetch. If you do not have exactly what I want, I will improvise with interesting things you have around your home. No paddle? Go grab a wooden spoon or a spatula. No rope to tie that cock? Dental floss will do just fine. Now, let?s discuss pain! Pain can hurt you physically or emotionally. Being adept in both areas, I truly adore hearing you whimper and cry on the other end of the phone. I will laugh at this. How weak are you really? For a pain call, especially CBT, do have the following items on hand, or I will make you list things in your kitchen so I can improvise:

  • Paddle, flogger, ruler or wooden spoon.
  • Clothespins, binder clips, nipple clamps, or a snake bite kit.
  • String, rope, a shoelace, or dental floss.
  • Toothpaste and brush. No, these are not for your teeth!!
  • Low temperature melting candles and matches so they light.
  • Cock ring, ball separator, or elastic bands.
  • Anything else specific for your fetish.
Have these ready in a bag, and available to me for my pleasure and use. For a humiliation call there are so many possibilities, but the following list is a start:
  • Food items
  • Markers/Sharpies
  • Panties
  • A dildo
  • Perhaps I will keep the rest to myself.
Know one thing. You must be ready for me. Have anything specific to your fetish and be prepared to explain it quickly so I can begin using it against you. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time on this call. The combination of pain, humiliation, and domination is not something to be rushed. I like to go slowly. I like to do things, then note your responses, and repeat if I liked it. I want to make your body suffers beautifully for me! Call Empress Delia for the most beautiful suffering around.