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Please, you pathetic piece of shit, don't be fooled by my innocent face or sweet voice. If you make that mistake, you will be completely unprepared for what is in store for you. Your session with me will be totally void of sweetness and sensuality. Prepare for a taste of hell with a merciless, controlfreaky bitch.

Understand, you are a puppet who shall live and breathe to serve and please me. What pleases me? Your extreme humiliation, complete and total submission, and pushing you beyond your breaking point.

I want your pussy ass in tears.

I suspect that mission won't be hard to accomplish. Because, though you play Mr. Big Swinging Dick in your office, with your whore of a woman, and your swarmy ass friends, the fact that you're here reveals to me all I need to know. You are a lowly, kneeling, quivering, bitch in every way that counts. In no way that really matters to a woman like me are you a real man, I never lose sight of that fact as I train and punish you.

So, prepare to be owned. Prepare to be broken. Prepare to submit. There is no other option.