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You've tried Sensual Humiliation, and while my mocking narcotic voice always makes you rock hard and ready to do anything for me, you're craving something more...you finally get the nerve to confess to me that what you really want is to experience extreme humiliation and degradation.


You don't want a woman to please you or to think so highly of you that they might actually be concerned with what you think. You want a woman who will tell it to you straight: that you are a pathetic loser who deserves to be treated as the lowest of the low. One of the things that turns you on the most is how someone as pretty as me can be so cruel. You love the power I have to crush you with my beauty and make you feel like I'm wondering how many times I need to flush before you'll go away. You'll do anything it takes to get my attention, hoping that if you give me enough lavish gifts I might lower myself to notice you or at least insult you...


If I have to I will slap your worthless balls to remind you of who you are, a worthless loser not worth the time it takes me to push your face down into the floor with my foot. Lick the bottom of my shoes if you dare! Pathetic peons like you exist for me to use like a piece of furniture and kick aside when I'm finished. The sad thing is I know that nothing will make you want to jerk your pathetic little dick more than my contempt for you.