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So you're looking for a mean Mistress, huh? A likely story.

If I sound skeptical, I am. Plenty of bitchboys like you have called Our cock concierges looking for the meanest Mistress they've got, and often that means Me. I get all excited, imagining all the stress and tension that will soon melt off of My silky shoulders at the crack of the belt, the cries of pain, the moans of desperation and the whimpers of humiliation I will soon wring from some eager beaver, only to have them pussy out before I even really get started.

That pisses Me off.

Listen bitch: know your place, and know your limits. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Because if you come asking for a mean Mistress, and you end up with Me, you're going to get that in the literal sense.

It all comes down to this: I don't give a fuck about you. Not personally. You have your uses, like giving Me something upon which to work out My frustrations with modern life, like offering Me amusement at your expense, like indulging My sadistic streak, but without those, you're nothing to Me. So if you fail at giving Me what I want, you will be dismissed with extreme prejudice. Learn it, and learn it well.

You may think that because I'll insist that you have a safeword, and that you use it if necessary, I'm not serious about how worthless I think you are, how worthless you'll always be to Me. You would be wrong. The only purpose a safeword serves is to minimize the connection between us as much as possible. I am irritated by the thought that I'd have to pretend, in any circumstance, to care any more about you than I would a used condom. With a safeword, I can use you for My pleasure until and unless you bitch out and whine it, without giving another thought to what you may want, or what you may feel until then.

Still think you want a mean Mistress? Well you've already got demerits to work off for making Me wait. Get your ass on the phone, and bring some hurty-toys with you.