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Get on your knees, you groveling little bitch! And quit your crying because I will most definetly give you something to cry about. Now look up at me with that pathetic little face of yours while you listen to my every word and you'd BETTER listen.

You are nothing to me but the dirt I walk on and you will never be anything more than that. I said shut the fuck up, didn't I? What part of that don't you understand? Are you really that stupid? I'm going to grab you by your ears and drag you around the room if you make one more sound. So have you figured out yet who controls you, or do I need to remind you? ha ha ha. A good slap to your worthless balls will jog your memory, I'm sure. Shall I try that or are you going to listen quietly? Well now ... that's better.

I own your ass and I will do whatever I want to you, when I want to do it. Understand? Right now I want you to lick my dirty shoes and get them sparkling clean, just like they were the day I took them out of the box from the store. Oh hell no, bitch! That isn't good enough! What the fuck are you thinking?

I expect nothing but the best from you and you're giving me about 75 percent. Perhaps you would like this 6" stiletto heel in your mouth as I pump my ankle up and down? ha ha. You have a lot to learn, you little worthless worm and I'm just the one to teach you. So, may I suggest you do as I say and and things just might go a little better for you. Remember I said 'MIGHT'! ha ha.

What a waste of space you are, maybe you should just crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under, but then even that's to good for your pathetic worthless ass.