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You've heard the saying, "Walk softly and carry a big stick"? Well, my motto is: "Talk sweetly while dishing out the bitch" ! It is a mistake to think a woman is weak just because she is calm, sexy and well-liked. Observe a little longer and you will notice the people who "like" treat her with a certain amount of cautious respect. In other words, just because I am cordial with you does not mean I will hesitate to put you in your place. It is my opinion that peons with peckers, like you, need attitude adjustments on a frequent basis.

I enjoy inflicting my own brand of mean mistress punishment. It goes without saying that you will get a healthy dose of humiliation,degradation and torment.There are so many vile things I can think of to make your cock sting and twitch. How about some CBT to make you whimper? Oh goodie!!! I do have a riding crop that is brand new. I will break it in with a few lashes, right on your pathetic male appendage. If I told you the way you cringe and the tears welling up in those eyes didn't excite me, I would be lying. Mistress does not lie. Now, I said you could have an orgasm, but I didn't say it wouldn't be ruined!