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Cruelty has a distinctive fluidity and takes many forms. It can be hard and staunchly strong like ice, subtly melting into the drip-dropping of what seems like quenching relief until you realize it was just a taste to torture your parched desire. It can fiercely flow in a whirlpool sucking you down into an abyss of demand and denial. And it even can be vaporous and invisible like an oppressive humidity baring down upon your need silently draining you.

The kind of casual cruelty I enjoy doesn't yell or scream as it doesn't need to. It's so insidious it beckons with a whisper. Your fight for freedom of orgasm fuels me and I gain the very energy you expend as you slowly lose more of yourself to me.

Do you know the most thrilling part? It's all of your own doing. That insatiable need to give up control.

I'm more than willing to ensnarl you further and deeper. Without raising my voice my firm but seductively smooth commands will leave you addicted and incomplete. Entranced and entrenched into the depths of a dark abyss of urgency. All the while I just toy with you relentlessly. It all about the mind fuck with suggestion and exploration that sinks down into the inner most sanctions and recesses of your depravity. And before you know it you have become my flesh puppet. Conditioned like Pavlov's pet to obey unconsciously without question. The dark side just got a little dirtier and a whole lot kinkier.