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Oh, Miss Brighton, you seem like such a sweet, endearing, nurturing Mistress..

*insert cackling here*

I have come to terms with the fact that while I love doing sensual domination, I'm also an asshole. I am a mean mistress in the sense that I enjoy your pain; I enjoy laughing at you; I enjoy making you cry. Because I have a very sweet and unassuming voice, I get quite a few submissives (ahem.. sissies), reaching out for me to be a MILF, nurturing Mistress for them.

To which I re-direct them to my blog, and tell them to search my more recent sissy posts, and then decide whether or not they wish to be subjected to the twisted, sadistic, fairy witch Princess. So let me make this clear for you, in case you're struggling with the concept: I am not your friend, I am definitely not your nurturing MILF Domme, and I probably don't like you. I get off on your pain. I do not scream or yell, but if you humiliate yourself in my presence - and you enjoy making an ass of yourself for my entertainment - then we will get along just fine.

Just remember my golden rule: 1. Do what the fuck I tell you to do. 2. Topping from the bottom will get you ignored. 3. You are here to amuse and entertain ME, not the other way around. 4. For fuck's sake be interesting and entertaining, and keep Mistress happy.

You will be rewarded for such, with more pain, more screams of agony, more blissful humiliation. Hell, I might even fuck your asshole, and introduce you to the Golden Goddess. Want to meet her? Play your cards right, and you will.

Be well.