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Oh just look at you - you're so pathetic and I know you found my way to my page because you're drooling over my pictures. Well, guess what? I wouldn't even pay attention to you in the real world - ever. Are you kidding me? Just look at yourself.

You're probably not a real man at all - some sissified loser, or some wanking loser, or some loser that loves to worship women like Me because you know that's the closest your loser ass will ever come to a woman of My rank and caliber.

You see, I'm a spoiled bitch and I love it. Men are always lavishing their attention on Me and trying to get Me to pay them some attention back. There's a high price in giving Me attention - I will make you work for Me and if you don't, then I cut you off and move on to the next loser.

How will you have to work for Me, you ask? There's a number of ways - you're here for My entertainment and you are here for My pleasure AND you are especially here to spoil Me because I deserve it.

I love gifts, I love money and I love flat out denying losers like you any access to My body. I also love to blackmail and humiliate you in any way, shape or form.

I love weasling into your pea-sized brain and you'll never forget Me. You'll be lying in bed at night wanting more of that devilish bitch with the angelic name: ANGELICA.

So call Me if you dare, Loser.