Humiliation From a Mean Mistress


Get on your fucking knees, humiliation slut! That’s what I like to hear. No, really, it’s true. You’d think that someone like me wouldn’t want to be a slave and have a woman control and humiliate him. But, I do. In fact, it is the only thing that truly excites me.

A Mean Mistress who won’t tolerate any excuses and clearly isn’t interested in anything I want. Those are the kind of women I love. Mean, cruel, controlling, hardcore bitch, indeed. Those are all words that I could use to describe my Mistress. Though I wouldn’t without her permission, because she would certainly make me pay for it!

I’m Just Like Anyone Else


What kind of man wants to be treated like he’s lower than the lowest form of humanity? Me. I’m a business man. Good looking, or at least that’s what I hear, and I have a decent personality. I’m not some crazed deviant living on the street.  If you saw me coming,  you wouldn’t turn around and walk the other way.

I have a great job and also went to an excellent college. My family loves me and I have never had a hard time getting a woman to go out with me. In fact, I’ve dated more women than most of my good friends put together. That sounds good when you are bragging to the guys.  But, really, it only means that I can’t find a woman to treat me the way I know I need to be treated.

I’m a Good Guy

No, I don’t secretly think I deserve it. I wasn’t a horrible asshole who somehow now knows better and wants a woman to punish me for my sins. I’m a good guy. Except the only thing that gets me off is this kind of control from a mean Mistress. I can only compare it to the decent men who keep dating women who are clearly very bad for them.

They get used and abused and played like a fool by some hot woman who claims to love them until the money runs out. Or they get wise to her games. Only for me, I like honest women. A Mistress who tells me, up front, that she is a strict and controlling woman gets my cock tingling. Then, if she tells me to shut the fuck up and stop asking so many question, well, that really does it for me. Suddenly, I’ll have the biggest hard-on ever and not even be able to think past begging her to please let me please her.


Humiliation Is What I Crave


Humiliation is what I most love of all the mean and cruel things she can think of to do (and believe me there are too many things to name). She is incredibly creative and doesn’t seem to care if we have ever discussed how much I like one thing or another. It is as if she instinctively just knows what I want and need to do for her.

I’m not likely to just announce that I want to be a slave and only do things that make her happy. I think that’s obvious.  Plus, it upsets her when I talk like that. Her laughter when I do something is humiliating in itself, but when she tells me how foolish it was or has me do it again in front of her friends, well that’s just mean.

Use Me Like a Slut


She has had me beg for things that I never thought I would, like a strap on session, and then announced she taped the whole thing and will be showing it at a party later that night. I, of course, had to sit through the party and watch while her friends laughed and came up with new suggestions of things I could do to make the show even more exciting next time.

This is usually when I have to take notes and tell everyone how much I love to do these things. On this occasion, she convinces me, in that voice that haunts my erotic dreams, to ask for a spanking.  Laughing, they use me like a slut! There, at the party!  She’s a Mean Mistress.  Maybe this kind of humiliation sounds exciting to you or maybe it sounds frightening.

Either way, if you are looking for humiliation sessions from a Mean Mistress, be sure to be prepared to do whatever she may decide you need to do to entertain her. She won’t take no for an answer and surely isn’t going to have a discussion with you about it and that’s what I love.