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Strict Mistress and Mean Mistress Erotica 


Below are some erotic stories about mean and strict Mistresses. We hope you enjoy this collection of Mean Mistress Erotica.


Why are there so many submissive men out there who have a foot fetish? Perhaps it’s because somewhere in those little pea brains of theirs, they realize that they belong at the feet of a superior woman. Continue reading Shoe Worship with Mean Mistress.

Humiliation is a powerful tool that is utilized by your Mistress for many reasons. Humiliation is psychologically complex and offers up a number of behavior-shaping tools, as well as fulfilling the humiliation fetish that many men have. Read Humiliation: What it is and How a Mean Mistress uses it.

There are any number of reasons why a husband could be considered unsatisfactory in bed. First of all, he could simply not have the appropriate size to please a Mean Mistress or ANY woman, in fact. Read Humiliating Cuckold Scenarios from a mean Mistress.

Being considered a “Mean Mistress” really has its perks. Oh, it is true that sometimes I scare away potential play things, but really there are so many to go around that they aren’t hard to replace. That just does not sound very nice, does it? Well, that is why they don’t call me, “Nice Mistress!” Continue reading Perks of being a Mean Mistress.

Every Mistress has her stories of men with small penises coming to her to be humiliated. Some are more creative than others, but it seems that slaves with small cocks are the norm, rather than the exception. Continue reading Extreme Small Penis Humiliation from Mean Mistress.

Chastity, Coerced Bi, Humiliation – Need a Safe Word?

You must learn that the needs and desires of your Mean Mistress will always come before your OWN desires. Indeed, your wishes do not matter anymore. Your Mean Mistress desires chastity for you. Therefore, chastity you will get. Read Kept in Chastity Hell by a Mean Mistress.

One night, I informed my slave that I had quite a surprise for him. He was excited and kept trying to get me to tell him what it was. Being the Mean Mistress that I am, however, I refused to spill the beans. I did tell him, though, that if he loved our normal strap on sessions, he’d really love the surprise that was in store for him. Read all about it in Coerced Bi Surprise.

Get on your fucking knees, slut! That’s what I like to hear. No, really, it’s true. You’d think that someone like me wouldn’t want to be a slave and have a woman to control and humiliate him. But I do. In fact, it is the only thing that truly excites me. Read all about how I enjoy Humiliation from a Mean Mistress.

I tried sessions with a few different Mistresses. We all do that and I highly recommend it. You never know if someone is the perfect fit until you have met someone who isn’t. Read more about it in Mean Mistress versus Bratty Mistress.

She tied me up once and, as usual, I begged her not to do it again. But, of course, she did anyway. I especially begged her not to leave me there in the dark, but without the safe word, she wouldn’t have known that something was honestly hurting and needed to be adjusted. Continue reading Why you Need a Safe Word.

Can You Handle Mean?

If you can control the cock, you control the whole man. Women throughout history have known this. Look only to the ancient Greek play Lysistrata if you don’t believe me. Being a prick tease has always been a boon to women, and we milk it for all it’s worth–especially the dominant women of the world. Continue reading Cockteasing Strict Mistress.

I’ve never been someone who screams and yells. I like to get my way and have even been called, “Mean,” but screaming at someone just seems like so much extra work for so little return. Honestly, if a Mistress is yelling at you, does that make her more in control? Continue reading Does Mean Equal Yelling?

Some men are looking for a Mean Mistress who can, and will, fulfill their darkest fantasies. These men are willing, and more than ready, to submit control to a mistress during a phone sex session. For these types of men, there is CBT or cock and ball torture. Continue reading CBT and Other Torments from a Strict Mistress.

Consider for a moment, if you will, the (rather small) sacrifice I make for my foot slave. Allowing him to worship my feet is, in fact, no sacrifice at all. I love being on the receiving end of foot worship. Continue reading a Foot Slave’s Punishment.

So, you think you want a Mean Mistress. But do you really believe you can handle a truly cruel Mistress? Find out in Can you Handle a Mean Mistress?

There Is the Sensual Strict Option

You have no idea what it means for me to be very Mean. You think you do, but so far only strict and slightly cruel have been your experiences.  Tonight, you will certainly find out the difference between me and them. Continue reading The Meeting.

You’ve probably heard the term, “Topping from the bottom,”  but do you know what it really means? Ms. Ryan discusses just exactly what it means in Topping from the Bottom.

A Strict Mistress is not always a Mean Mistress. Sometimes, she is sensual and seductive. For example, I am the image of perfection in every single way. I’ll lure you in with my dangerous curves, my sultry voice, and my eyes that dazzle you, not to even mention the sparkle of my smile that will make you instantly weak. You will feel weak in your knees as I run my fingers across your skin, so softly that your entire body feels like electricity is coursing through it. Read more about A Sensual Strict Mistress.

And Other Torments

Stop. No. I don’t want to! Help! Those are all words that in daily life are considered cause for alarm, letting someone know you don’t like something, that you want it to end or stop as it were. We basically use them without thinking. But they don’t work in BDSM. Because of the nature of many fetishes, the play becomes something where the submissive might say, “no,” but mean “yes.” That’s why it is important to have a Safeword. Learn more about it in What is a Safeword.

Some men are looking for a Mean and Strict Mistress who can, and will, fulfill their darkest fantasies. Continue reading CBT and Other Torments from a Mean Mistress.


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